Private Footprint Indicator

This is the Footprint Indicator I currently use. You're free to choose any other you like.
I chose this one because I know the owner, and  his Footprint indicator is at a resonable price compared to other providers and discounted for all of you! it's just exactly what I need.
To Acquire the footprint click here and apply the coupon code "9QXGV44G" without quotes.
If you Acquire it Please notify me on Discord, and I will assign you a new discord role which gives you access to the support channel for this indicator. 
The Footprint Import Instructions can be Found Below

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Requirements to use the Indicator and Connect the Data Feed With NinjaTrader:

  1. Data Feed of the Futures Contracts for the instruments you want to trade.

Here is a PDF with a guide on how to connect it with Ninjatrader:

  • Free option: Once you create a new NinjaTrader Account (see number 2), you are given the option to start a 14 days Data Feed Trial.

  2. Ninja Trader Platform

It is a Trading and Analyzing platform, it's free to Download from their website. They do also provide a premium version which might be costly and includes multiple useful tools. However, to use this indicator you just need the free version that can be downloaded from here